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On a winter day in Penticton, BC, Pareto’s Blend was named. Pareto was an Italian philosopher and mathematician who is credited with the 80, 20 principle – that 20% of the population in Italy controlled 80% of the wealth – in the mid 19th century. This ratio has been used […]

80/20 Wines

The Candid Confectioner is a small producer of handmade artisanal caramels in Vancouver, BC. In the branding and design process, keeping with a delicate, craft feel was essential. The icon used on all the packaging became a pair of vanilla flowers; vanilla being a constant ingredient in all the caramel […]

Candid Confectioner

Bittered Sling Extracts emerged into the food and beverage market in 2012. These began as a small project. And as such, a simple and flexible label was needed. Kale and Nori Culinary Arts was already in existence and as this is Bittered Sling’s parent company, a connection in the label […]

Bittered Sling

FIFO Innovations, was an existing brand looking for an update. The reference that came up over and over again while brainstorming was a shiny red race car. This company produces portion control equipment used in the restaurant industry, so going too overtly in the race car direction seemed a bit […]

FIFO Innovations

Little Bits Bakery was literally a ‘pet’ project. The branding, labelling and packaging were designed by Carole Morton. Fun, whimsical, healthy and wholesome were some of the key ideas being captured here.  

Little Bits Bakery

AquaMotion Rehabilitation & Fitness is a Vancouver, BC company which specializes in aquatic rehabilitation. Water and its movement were the key ideas being portrayed here.    


Carlos Concha Catering branding included many photographs of local and rustic foods and places. The tomato vine design serves as a backdrop that ties all these elements together.  

Carlos Concha Catering

Hilltop Bistro in Nanaimo, BC was a re-brand. It began as Markt Artisan Deli. The Hilltop Bistro logo is completely different from the logo used for the deli, but the colour of red used is the same. The flower in the logo is a calendula, an edible flower that grows […]

Hilltop Bistro