Why Design?

If someone had told me 10 years ago that I would fall head over heels for Graphic Design, I would have laughed and not been able to stop. Me – a computer nerd? As it turns out, I am.

I love to create. I love the transition from a conversation full of questions to rough sketches, then digital drafts – back and forth – until decisions are made and graphics are printed or published online. And with the ADOBE Suite as my tool, I can make my ideas look great.

What’s really special about design to me? It might seem like an avenue where I am completely disconnected from human connection – hiding behind my computer screen. Well, it’s just the opposite, my designs create human connection. Every logo, graphic or image I create invites you in. I speak to people through shapes and colours. If the design is really good, you won’t even notice that you’re noticing it. My designs become the link between companies; the link between people.

So, the more time I spend behind my computer screen, the more I have the opportunity to connect with people beyond the every-day possibility.

I love what I do.